Maximize Paraffin-Based Candle Performance

Our polymers are recognized worldwide as premier additives for candles. These specialty polymers improve candle opacity, flow, hardness, strength, color dispersion, and fragrance retention. Additionally, our polymers can be used as partial or total replacements for stearic acid. Typical concentrations of our specialty polymers amount to less than 1% by weight.

Enhance Candle Characteristics

Our VYBAR™ 103 and VYBAR™ 108 polymers are typically used in paraffin-wax candles with melt points higher than 136°F [58°C]. This polymer is a common component of columns, pillars, tapers, freestanding, decorative, and votive candles. Addition rates range from 0.25 wt. percent to 1.0 wt. percent in these applications.

Our VYBAR™ 260 polymer is used typically in paraffin-wax candles with melt points less than 136°F [58°C]. This polymer is a common component of container, tart, and votive candles. Recommended addition rates for this polymer range from 0.25 wt. percent for candle formulations requiring no fragrance up to 2.0 wt. percent for high fragrance-load candle formulations.

Our VYBAR™ 343 and VYBAR™ 825 polymers – with POLYWAX™ 655 polymer; BE SQUARE™ 175 wax; and VICTORY™ wax – also are used as paraffin-wax modifiers for candle applications. These polymers offer various combinations of oil binding, color retention, fragrance distribution, improved surface appearance, uniform dye dispersion, structural strength enhancement, higher fragrance-load allowance, and enhanced mottling modifications.