PERFORMA™ V biopolymers

Sustainable Plant Based Polymers

PERFORMA™ V biopolymers offer a sustainable solution for personal care products. They provide a creamy texture and deliver nourishing skin-conditioning and emollient properties. Multiple product forms and biobased content are possible, with product forms ranging from liquids to low melting solids, and biobased content up to 100%.

This new platform offers formulators flexibility to balance performance and sustainability, and are easily formulated into skin care, sun care, and color cosmetic products.

Typical Properties

Product / Test Method Softening Point °C - ASTM D-36 Viscosity @ 99 °C cP - ASTM D-3236 SAP Value mg KOH/g - Internal Penetration @ 25 °C - ASTM D-1321 Biobased Content - %
PERFORMA™ V-150 biopolymer INCI: pending


Water Mineral Oil Castor Oil Ethylhexyl Palmitate C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate Dimethicone
PERFORMA™ V-150 biopolymer

5% of PERFORMA V added at polymer melting point and then cooled down to room temperature. S – soluble C – compatible SC – slightly compatible NC – not compatible

Recommended Applications And Use Levels

Skin Care / Lip Care

PERFORMA™ V biopolymers provide non-tacky and moisturizing skin to repair dry and damaged lips. Blends of PERFORMA V-150 can be  formulated to partially replace petrolatum in lip care products. Recommended use levels are 2-5%.

Rinse Off Skin Care Products

PERFORMA™ V biopolymer can be used in rinse-off skin care products to provide emolliency and moisturization vs petrolatum. It provides excellent long-lasting skin moisturization without impacting foam. Recommended use levels are 1-3%.

Glossing/ Oil Binding Agents

PERFORMA™ V biopolymers can be used
in applications from lipsticks to hair serums. In anhydrous systems, they
provide gloss and help to prevent oil bleed in stick applications.  In hair serum formulations, shine and
smoothness are easily achieved on all hair types Recommended use levels are 1-5%.

Product availability

Form: Pastilles, liquid
Packaging:  25 KG bags and 15.9 KG drum

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