Synthetic Wax


PERFORMA™ SW-76 synthetic wax is a highly crystalline, linear and narrow molecular weight distribution synthetic wax. It provides good structuring for many cosmetic oils and offers lower melt points than most traditional synthetic waxes. Due to its inert nature, it is very stable, chemically inert, and non-irritating to the skin. It can be used in a wide range of applications in the cosmetics industry.

This new platform offers formulators flexibility to balance performance and sustainability, and are easily formulated into skin care, sun care, and color cosmetic products.

  • Hair care
  • Color cosmetics
  • Lip care
  • Skin care
  • Sun protection
  • Antiperspirants

Typical Properties

Product / Test Method Melt Point °C / ASTM D-127 Viscosity cP @ 149 °C / ASTM D-3236 Penetration dmm @ 25°C / ASTM- D1321
PERFORMA™ SW–76 INCI: Synthetic Wax


Solvents/oils Solubility Temperature (°C) Pour Temperature (°C) Penetration (dmm)
46 @ 10% wax
62 @ 30% wax

Recommended Applications And Use Levels

Stick Formulas

PERFORMA™ SW-76 synthetic wax is excellent for thickening and structuring oils. It is compatible with most cosmetic oils and forms heat-stable formulas with excellent stick strength. Recommended use levels are 1-10%.

Sun Care

PERFORMA™ SW-76 synthetic wax can enhance SPF of both inorganic and organic sunscreens by changing the rheology of the oil phase. This helps to achieve a more uniform application and coverage on the skin. Recommended use levels are 1-3%.

Skin Care

PERFORMA™ SW-76 synthetic wax allows easier processing at lower temperatures for cold processing applications in skin care, lotions, and hair care. Recommended use levels are 1- 5%.

Product availability

Form: Pastilles, liquid
Packaging:  25 KG bags

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