Long Chain Synthetic Acids

UNICID™ acids are long chain, linear primary carboxylic acids. With carbon chain lengths from 25 to 50 carbons, the product line offers a range of acid numbers and melt points. Low polydispersities (Mw/Mn) of 1.1 or less result in products with hardness and low melt viscosities. UNICID acids are approximately 80% linear carboxylic acids, the remainder being polyethylene to mirror the chain length distribution of the carboxylic acids.


UNCID™ acids are insoluble (<1%) in all solvent systems at room temperatures. They have limited solubility in polar and aromatic solvents at elevated temperatures. In each case, the elevated temperature would be below the boiling point of the solvent.


  • Compatibilizes with functional/polar polymers
  • Increases adhesion to polar surfaces
  • Disperses in water
  • Acts as co-emulsifier in anionic systems
  • Reacts to create unique derivatives
  • Lessens odor and volatility
  • Forms films in water-in-oil emulsions
  • Controls melting/softening point
  • Contributes to fast migration in polymer systems
  • Flows readily at temperatures just slightly greater than melting point


  • Primary carboxylic acid
  • Long, linear carbon backbone
  • Low polydispersity