Long Chain Synthetic Alcohols

Based on proprietary technology, UNILIN™ alcohols are fully saturated, long chain, linear primary alcohols. Compared to other commercially available synthetic alcohols, UNILIN alcohols are of higher molecular weight, greater crystallinity, and higher purity with an 80% primary alcohol concentration.

Linear alcohols are traditionally limited to C30 and lower, while UNILIN alcohols are available with average carbon chain lengths up to C50. A further attractive feature of the UNILIN alcohols is the relatively narrow 1.1 polydispersity (Mw/Mn).


  • Primary alcohol
  • Linear carbon backbone
  • Low polydispersity


  • Compatibilizes with polar polymers
  • Reacts to form derivatives
  • Improves compatibility with hydrocarbons
  • Provides solvent resistance in coatings
  • Controls melting point
  • Lowers melt viscosity


Used as intermediates, UNILIN alcohols donate to the derived products their beneficial properties of high melt point and hydrophobicity. Potential end uses for the derived products include antioxidants, heat or UV stabilizers, and viscosity depressants.

Feature Benefit
Long chain, linear backbone
Efficient oil structure
Improved stick stability
Uniform payout
Film forming
Water resistance
Alcohol functionality
Hair and skin conditioning
Compatibility with silicones,
and other cosmetic oils
Oil thickening, rheology modifier
SPF enhancement
Oil phase stability