Professional Development & Training Policy

Chase Corporation (the Company) recognizes that our employees constitute our most valuable resource and are the foundation of our success as a public company.  Maintaining a highly trained and competent workforce remains a primary focus for the future growth and development of the Company. We are committed to the development and training of each member of our staff in order to prepare them with the necessary skillsexpertise, and knowledge to succeed as professionals throughout their employment at Chase and beyond. 

Goals of this Policy

The primary focus of this “Professional Development and Training Policy” is to provide guidance and to outline practices and policies that will enhance knowledge, expertise, professionalism and opportunities for growth and development that will be beneficial to the Company and its employees. Specifically, we seek to: 

  • Ensure that all employees are provided appropriate orientation and training when initially joining the Chase Corporation team.  
  • Support and promote the development of all staff members through appropriate and highly effective education and training. 
  • Standardize the processes and procedures for accessing the appropriate education and training opportunities for all employees. 
  • Ensure that access to all education and training opportunities and resources available to employees is fair and equitable. 
  • Maximize and leverage resources available for staff training and professional development in a manner that ensures access to high quality training and education programs and opportunities. 


Supervisors and Managers

In the effort to leverage opportunities for growth and success at Chase Corporation, supervisors and managers are responsible for ensuring that members of their respective teams receive sufficient and appropriate orientation and training, including any training required by law or regulation. The intent of the orientation and training is to ensure employees successfully perform their jobs and prepare themselves for further growth and development within the Company. Additionally, supervisors and managers are responsible for keeping appropriate records of all education and training undertaken and completed by their respective team members. 


Employees are responsible for completing all agreed upon and supported training. Employees, in conjunction with supervisors and managers, are encouraged to identify any additional training needs that are not available through Company-provided training. 

Employees who are members of regulated professional bodies are responsible for identifying and completing all training and continuing education requirements necessary to maintain professional licenses and certifications. 

Employees and supervisors must maintain a record of education and training opportunities offered and completed.  

Human Resources

Human Resources is responsible for developing and providing (either directly or through outside training specialists) all training required by law, including but not limited to respect in the workplace, anti-discrimination training, and anti-harassment training. 

Requests for External Training

All requests for external training must be submitted in writing by completing the form located on the “Human Resource Forms” section of the Chase Intranet site.  Employees may also request a copy of forms from supervisors or Human Resources.  

Forms must be completed and approved by supervisors to confirm the program is necessary and/or beneficial to both the employee and Chase Corporation. 

Once approved by a supervisor, the request must be forwarded to Human Resources a minimum of sixty days prior to a scheduled training, workshop, certification or re-certification program. 

If an employee begins but does not complete a pre-approved program that costs in excess of $1,000, the employee agrees to reimburse Chase Corporation any funds paid for the program. 


Employees are required to attend all mandatory trainings.  Records of attendance will be kept in employee personnel files.  

Nothing contained in this policy expresses or implies that a contract related to training or educational opportunities exists between the Company and its employees. Nothing contained in this policy expresses or implies that participation in or completion of any training or education program is a guarantee of continued employment. 

The Company reserves the right to amend this policy at any time. 

Tuition Reimbursement

Chase Corporation will provide some tuition reimbursement for regular full-time employees on a case-by-case basis based on the following factors: 

  • The employee is in good standing. 
  • The program of study is administered through an accredited institution. 
  • To be eligible for educational assistance, the employee must be able to maintain his or her job performance while also attending classes. All courses, degrees, programs, and certifications must be directly related to the employee’s current job duties or a foreseeable future position in the Company. 

Chase Corporation grants employees’ tuition assistance with the expectation that the education will enhance employees’ contribution to Chase Corporation. Therefore, employees who request educational assistance must complete a “Repayment Agreement.” If an employee who has received tuition reimbursement voluntarily resigns within three years of the reimbursement, the payment will be considered a loan and the employee will be required to repay all or a portion of the reimbursement.