Radiance, innovators in Industrial Coatings technologies, is proud to introduce FR84, a unique one part UV curable flame retardant coating for application onto most wood surfaces.  FR84 is a clear top-coat designed for high volume applications due to its extremely fast cure time.  The coating is available from authorized distributors or directly from Chase Corporation Radiance-Coatings.

Radiance FR84 is a clear top-coat and present an exceptional finish quality on wood surfaces.  The Radiance FR84 can be applied on most wood surfaces by spray, roll coat or brush.  The material will completely cure in seconds when irradiated by UV light.  Once cured, FR84 will provide excellent adhesion and abrasion resistance.

Radiance FR84 was formulated to be applied on interior structures such as furniture, wall paneling, and structures requiring Class-A flammability rating.    ASTM E-84 testing for FR84, resulted in a flame spread of 20 and smoke density of 200, which gives it a Class A rating.  FR84 contains high solids and is compliant with most stringent air quality programs.

Features Benefits
E-84 Class A rating FR84 meets low flame spread and smoke density requirements
100% UV cure Low WIP, no secondary cure mechanism required.  Maximum crosslink density achieved after UV exposure
Finish quality Can be modified to meet customer specific requirements
High adhesion Good adhesion to most wood substrates
High abrasion resistance Extremely durable
High solids Environmental health and safety advantage
Ease of application Easily applied by spray, roll coat or brush method
Lower cost to use More cost efficient than current impregnation method
No Moisture Sensitivity Use of handling, storage, and application types

Keith Waryold (VP, Industrial Materials, and Technology) said “Based on our UV technology expertise, our Research & Development team has created a robust UV flame-retardant coating for architectural applications where wood veneer and lamination constructions are utilized.  This critically enabling safety feature has gotten us excited to bring this solution to the industry.  Our Radiance team has delivered at the request of the market, another novel technology which capitalizes upon one of our core competencies for high throughput protective coating applications. 

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