HumiSeal® UV500-2: Conformal Coating for Demanding Conditions

HumiSeal® UV500-2: Conformal Coating for Demanding Conditions

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UV500-2 Conformal Coating on a PCB being cured with LED lightHumiSeal®, a global leader in development and manufacture of specialty polymers, introduces conformal coating UV500-2, providing PCB protection in the most demanding applications. UV500-2 is an evolution in the popular UV500 line of materials. It has been designed to provide additional performance under thermal and mechanical cycling testing common in the automotive and white goods industrie

Properties and advantages include 

-fast and efficient UV curing mechanism for high-speed production 

-softer, improved crack resistance under thermal and mechanical cycling 

-wider operating window in manufacturing processes 

Chase Corporation was founded in 1946 and has grown to become an innovative manufacturer of advanced protective materials with a global customer base. The HumiSeal brand represents over five decades of experience in the design of specialty polymers and adhesives in industries such as automotive, military, and aerospace.   

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