Chase Corporation through our Humiseal brand have been pioneers in the field of electronics protection through conformal coatings for over 5 decades. The need for conformal coatings was first recognized to meet the demanding requirements of the early military and aerospace industries. In more recent years,  increased sophistication of devices and the need for reliability have extended the use of conformal coating to nearly all industries.

Advantages of conformal coating electronics include:

  • Reduced weight/reduced use of protective enclosures
  • Increased electronics reliability/safety
  • Improved mean time between failures (MTBF)
  • Reduced warranty liabilities

Examples of markets and applications currently served include:

  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
    1. Power Control Modules
    2. Under Hood Controls
    3. Cabin Electronics Controls
    4. Electronic Vehicle(EV) Applications
  • “White Goods”
    1. Washer/Dryer Controls
    2. Refrigerator applications
  • Metering/Smart Metering Applications
  • “Green Energy” applications
    1. Solar Panel Devices
    2. Wind Power Controls and Devices
  • Lighting and LED Applications