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With increasingly sophisticated automation being required to work longer, harder and with reduced downtime industrial control assemblies continue to be placed in demanding end-user environments.   The risk of degradation in performance due to factors such as humidity, salt-spray, noxious gases and other sources of corrosion continues to increase rapidly.

Examples of Industrial Applications include:

  • Modern industrial drive servos and motors
  • Power supply units
  • Backup generator systems
  • HVAC controls
  • Critical sensors

Some of our most successful HumiSeal products for the industrial market include:

  • Two popular acrylic coatings are  1B31 and 1B73
  • Two popular urethane coatings are  1A27 and 1A33
  • Two widely used silicone coatings are  1C49 and 1C49LV
  • A highly utilized UV curable coating is  UV40

Industrial Controls Electronics

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