UV Curable – UVA 300 Product Family

UVA 300 Product Family

HumiSeal’s UVA 300 LED cured conformal coating is uniquely designed to be cured through simple, single wavelength LED UV light. The use of LED curing, versus traditional arc or microwave bulbs, allows for simpler and more consistent curing, lower energy consumption, lower equipment maintenance costs, and no hazardous ozone or UVC exposure. UVA 300 provides superior protection and value for medium and high volume PCB manufacturing applications. Curing in seconds upon exposure to appropriate UV light, UVA 300 allows for short cycle times and maximum production speeds. It’s unique, dual cure chemistry eliminates the need for hazardous solvents and thinners, while the secondary moisture cure provides assurance of cure in hard to reach or shadow areas. UVA 300 can be sprayed using traditional automated spray equipment and fluoresces under UV light to allow for easy inspection.

Properties of UVA 300 include:

  • LED curing mechanism with secondary moisture cure
  • Superior flexibility, excellent thermal and mechanical shock resistance
  • 100% solids, no solvents or thinners required, minimal environmental impact
  • ROHS 2011/65/EC compliant
  • Superb adhesion to a wide range of commonly used solder resists
  • Excellent insulation resistance and moisture insulation resistance
  • Resistant to a wide range of solvents
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