Automotive Electronics

Automotive ElectronicsAutomotive Electronics

Automotive electronic assemblies continue to become an increasingly sophisticated and important aspect of both the functionality and reliability of modern automobiles. These assemblies are placed in more demanding end-use environments where risk of degradation in performance from humidity, salt-spray, noxious gases and other corrosion sources.

Advantages of conformal coating in automotive electronics include:

  • Reduced use of protective enclosures
  • Weight reduction from enclosure elimination
  • Improved circuit performance
  • Enhanced device reliability
  • resistance to fluids and oils

HumiSeal is a leading supplier of conformal coatings to the automotive industry for in-cabin, under the hood and exterior electronic applications. We supply every major OEM, through multiple Tier 1 – Tier 3 suppliers.

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Some of our most successful HumiSeal products for the automotive market include:

  • Two of our popular acrylic coatings are 1B31 and 1B73
  • A popular synthetic rubber coating is  1B51NSLU
  • Two widely used UV curable coatings are UV40 and UV500

Automotive Electronics

Automotive Electronics

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