HumiSeal Embraces Sustainability with a range of New Product Developments For Productronica 2021

HumiSeal Embraces Sustainability with a range of New Product Developments For Productronica 2021


November 2021 – HumiSeal has used the Productronica 2021 exhibition to introduce a range of new UV curable products as well as improvements to existing UV and classic materials. All of the newly Introduced materials focus on sustainability and environmental issues without degrading material performance or quality. Visitors to the HumiSeal booth in Hall A4.246 between 16th – 19th November will be able to hear first hand about the new line up of materials that continue to prove HumiSeal’s commitment to innovation and leadership by example.

So What’s New?

HumiSeal has been developing conformal coatings for over 60 years and has consistently led the way by anticipating and responding to new technologies and market requirements in the fast changing world of electronics. With electronic assemblies being used in our everyday lives in increasingly harsh and demanding  environments the need for conformal coatings continues to be more and more critical.

HumiSeal developed its first environmentally friendly, solvent free UV conformal coating, UV40, 16 years ago in 2005. Made with 50% environmentally sustainable organic materials, this ground breaking material has now been further developed.


Designed to be cured using LED UV light this new product maintains all of the advantages of the legacy product such as snap curing and excellent thermal range with the added benefit of requiring significantly reduced amounts of energy to cure compared with more traditional microwave and arc curing methods.


Also benefitting from low energy LED cure, UVA300 has been developed to provide an improved  chemically resistant coating with excellent flexibility characteristics. The use of LED curing, versus traditional arc or microwave bulbs, allows for simpler and more consistent curing, lower energy consumption, lower equipment maintenance costs, and no hazardous ozone or UVC exposure. Delivering superior protection and value for medium and high volume PCB manufacturing applications. The extremely fast curing enables short cycle times and maximum production speeds. The completely solvent free, dual cure chemistry combined with a secondary moisture cure provides assurance of complete material cross-linking in hard to reach or shadow areas.

Other benefits of UVA300 include:

  • Superior flexibility, excellent thermal and mechanical shock resistance
  • 100% solids, no solvents or thinners required, minimising environmental impact
  • ROHS 2011/65/EC compliant
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide range of commonly used solder resists
  • Excellent insulation resistance and moisture insulation resistance
  • Resistant to a wide range of solvents


Further development of the UV curable range has resulted in an improved version of the popular UV500. Designed specifically to meet the demanding thermal shock requirements of the automotive industry the product also enables increased operation at higher temperatures up to 150°C. The 100% solids, UV dual cure elastomeric acrylate conformal coating, offers higher flexibility compared to other UV curable conformal coatings. It is also formulated at higher viscosity to allow use with alternate application systems, and also to reduce capillarity and flow.

UV92 & UV20 GELS

Two new UV curable GEL products UV92 and UV20 have also been introduced the product portfolio.  UV92 Gel is a fast (in 1 minute using long wave black light) UV cure peelable masking material that is easy to cure and leaves no residues when removed. UV20 Gel has been developed as a fast UV curing staking compound used to brace or support large components in high vibration operating environments.

What about other Conformal Coating Chemistries?

HumiSeal have also updated its classic polyurethane conformal coating 1A33 with more user friendly aromatic solvents and improved application performance. 1A33LOS is made with human friendly low odour solvents for a cleaner workplace. 1A33LOF also benefits from low odour solvents as well as a reduced cure time to full cross-linking.


Commenting on the new range of sustainable and user friendly materials EMEIA Manager for HumiSeal, Chris Palin said:

“Sustainability and environmental protection are terms that are becoming increasingly topical and urgent. Our position as a leading vendor in conformal coating materials means we have a responsibility to lead by example. I believe these new product developments cements our commitment to continually setting the benchmark not just in material performance that deliver enhanced characteristics for our customers but also in minimising our environmental impact to improve our environment and protect our future.”

About HumiSeal

HumiSeal provides the widest selection of products to meet its customer’s tough electrical and environmental protection requirements. It manufactures over 60 coatings, thinners, strippers and masking materials and can also offer custom formulations to meet unusual specifications. HumiSeal® products are qualified to MIL-I-46058C, UL746E and meets the requirements of IEC 61086 and IPC-CC-830 standards. HumiSeal is also TS-16949 certified. The standard demanded by the automotive industry.

HumiSeal® is a member of Chase Electronic Coatings, which in turn is an operating division of Chase Corporation. Chase Corporation produces adhesives, sealants, tapes and membranes from a wide variety of chemistries such as epoxies, urethanes, acrylics, silicones and elastomers. These products are used for corrosion protection in electronic, pipeline, bridge, highway and architectural applications. Chase maintains facilities in Evanston, IL, Pittsburgh, PA, Albany, NY, Westwood, MA, Taylorsville, NC, Lenoir and Granite Falls, NC and Suzhou, China and Winnersh, United Kingdom. Additionally, Chase Electronic Coatings has a license partner in Japan.

Chase Corporation was founded in 1946 and has grown to become an innovative manufacturer of advanced protective materials with a global customer base. Two operating divisions manage the development, manufacture and marketing of industry leading brands that provide highly engineered protective features for use in the demanding applications of energy, electronics, telecommunications, construction, transportation and utilities.

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