Urethane 1A67

HumiSeal® 1A67 conformal coating is:

  • Polyester urethane chemistry
  • chemically resistant
  • single component
  • toluene free
  • low toxicity product
  • used in combination with Thinner 600

HumiSeal 1A67 conformal coating has:

  • excellent moisture and environmental protection for printed circuit assemblies
  • excellent flexibility and long term electrical properties
  • low gas permeability
  • fluorescence under UV light for ease of inspection
  • RoHS directive 2015/863/EU

Application of 1A67 Conformal Coating

Conformal coatings can be successfully applied to substrates that have been cleaned prior to coating and also to substrates assembled with low residue “no clean” materials.  Users should perform adequate testing to confirm compatibility between the conformal coating and their particular assembly materials, process conditions and cleanliness level.  Please contact HumiSeal® for additional information.

The application of conformal coatings over no clean flux is a common practice. The user should perform adequate testing to confirm compatibility between the conformal coating and their particular assembly materials and process conditions. Please contact HumiSeal for additional information

HumiSeal® 1A67 can be sprayed using conventional spraying equipment. Spraying should be done in an environment with adequate ventilation so that the vapor and mist are carried away from the operator. The addition of HumiSeal® Thinner 600 is necessary to ensure a uniform spray pattern resulting in a pinhole-free film. The amount of thinner and spray pressure will depend on the specific type of spray equipment used and operator technique.

HumiSeal® 1B67 may be brushed with a small addition of HumiSeal® Thinner 600. Uniformity of the film depends on the component density and the operator’s technique.

HumiSeal® 1A67 should be stored away from excessive heat or cold, in tightly closed containers. HumiSeal® products may be stored at temperatures of 0 to 35°C. Prior to use, allow the product to equilibrate for 24 hours at a room temperature of 18 to 32°C.

Application of HumiSeal® Conformal Coatings should be carried out in accordance with local and National Health and Safety regulations.

The solvents in HumiSeal® Conformal Coatings are flammable. The material should not be used in presence of open flame or sparks. Use only in well-ventilated areas to avoid inhalation of vapors or spray. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

Consult MSDS/SDS prior to use.

Product Specification
Density, per ASTM D1475 0.92 g/cm³
Solids Content, % by weight per Fed-Std-141, Meth. 4044 30 %
Viscosity, per Fed-Std-141, Meth. 4287 750 ± 350 centipoise
VOC 644 grams/litre
Drying Time to Handle per Fed-Std-141, Meth. 4061 25 minutes
Recommended Coating Thickness 25 – 75 microns
Recommended Curing Conditions 20 hrs @ 80°C
Time Required to Reach Optimum Properties 7 days
Recommended Thinner HumiSeal® Thinner 600
Recommended Stripper HumiSeal® Stripper 1063
Glass Transition Temperature – DSC 55°
Shelf Life at Room Temperature, DOM 12 months
Dielectric Withstand Voltage, volts per MIL-I-46058C >1500
Insulation Resistance, per MIL-I-46058C 6.93 x 1012 ohms (6.93TΩ)
Moisture Insulation Resistance, per MIL-I-46058C 6.9 x 1010 ohms (69GΩ)
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