AXIS 1026 Medical Device Adhesive


AXIS 1026  Medical Device Adhesive

AXIS 1026:

Product Description

AXIS 1026 is a low viscosity, UV-curable adhesive that fluoresces under black light to aid in the inspection of bonded assemblies. AXIS 1026 was designed for bonding stainless steel cannula into hubs, syringes, and lancets for needle assemblies. Resin Designs medical device adhesives contain no nonreactive solvents and are biocompatible per ISO 10993-5, cytotoxicity.

Needle bonding UV-curable Plastics
Stainless steel cannula Fluorescing Metals
Transducer assembly High glass transition Ceramics
Biocompatible per ISO 10993-5


Typical Properties of Uncured Material*
Chemical Class Acrylated urethane
Color Clear
Viscosity @25°C, Spn1 @20RPM, cps 50 to 225
Specific Gravity 1.02
Cleanup Solvent Isopropyl alcohol


UV Light Cure Guidelines*
Recommended Curing Spectrum UVA
Minimum dosage required, J/cm2 3

Heat is also an important component with UV cure, and different systems produce different heat outputs. Cure testing was done in an open system and results will vary with application. Consequently, Resin Designs recommends that curing is discussed with our technical staff to ensure the exact customer process being used will meet the coating cure requirements.

AXIS 1026 was designed to be cured using a microwave UV oven. Arc and LED systems may cure AXIS 1026; however, care must be taken during the equipment selection process to ensure minimum dosage and irradiance values obtained will properly cure the coating. Because of the variations possible in curing equipment type and configuration, it is strongly recommended that you contact Resin Designs Technical Support to discuss your equipment and process in detail.


Typical Properties of Cured Material*

Durometer, Shore D 75
Elongation, % 5
Tensile Strength, MPa, [psi] 29.6 [4300]
Compressive Modulus @ -55°C, MPa 356
Compressive Modulus @ 25°C, MPa 205
Compressive Modulus @ 115°C, MPa 0.5
Glass Transition Temperature (Tg), °C 77
Lap Shear Strength, PCB / PCB, psi 150
Temperature at 1% wt. loss, °C 130
Temperature at 5% wt. loss, °C 229
Processing Temperature Range, °C -55 t o120


Keep stored between 8°C and 28°C in tightly closed, light-blocking containers away from direct sunlight. Keep from freezing. Please refer to the product labeling for shelf-life information. Consult SDS for safe handling recommendations.

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