EMI Gel Rope Gasket

EMI Gel Rope Gasket

Resin Designs gel rope gaskets provide multiple forms of protection including EMI shielding environmental and pressure sealing against liquid and vapor ingress, and electrical grounding in a variety of electronics and communications applications. Extensive salt fog tests have shown that the Resin Designs silicone gel material provides an effective barrier against galvanic corrosion. Gel surrounds the conductive wire mesh of the Resin Designs gaskets and isolates the metal substrate-to gasket contact points from corrosive elements.

Gel Rope Gaskets

Brand ProductDescriptionFeatures
EMI-CSI-M3Commercial-grade, precured silicone gel with Monel circular knit ropePressure sealing, precured gel; standard wire sizes from 0.063" to 0.250"; operating service temperatures -40 to 150°C
Brand ProductmΩ maximumAfter Heat Aging 168 hr at 150°CAfter Thermal Cycling
-55 to 125°C, 5 cycles
After High-Temperature Endurance 48 hr at 156°CInitial, 10 to 100 MHz, dB minimum

Initial, 100 to 1000 MHz, dB minimumAfter Salt Fog, 1000 hr, 10 to 100 MHz,
dB minimum
fter Salt Fog, 1000 hr, 100 to 1000 MHz,
dB minimum
5555 90 708070
  • EMI and RFI shielding
  • Aerospace
  • Radar and antenna
  • E Vehicles


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