UV Curable Adhesives

UV Curable Adhesives

Adhesives UV Acrylate

Resin Designs UV Curable Adhesives are fast-curing urethane acrylate materials designed for a wide range of applications.

These products are typically of superior strength and flexibility. UV curable adhesives are best used in situations requiring a clean application or in a high-volume manufacturing environment.

UV Cured Adhesive

UV Curable Adhesives

UV 165-183UV 165-183 is a unique fire retardant, fast-curing urethane acrylate. This material has excellent bonds to a wide range of substrates. UV 165-183 requires direct UV exposure during the curing process. UV 165-183 is translucent, pink in color to aid with a visual inspection.
UV 422-7000UV 422-7000 is a medium viscosity, fast UV curing polymer, with excellent wetting properties. UV 422-7000 is a relatively soft-polymer (shore D36), with good mechanical and thermal shock-resistance.
UV 1344TUV 1344T is a high-viscosity, UV curable polymer designed for large gaps. Is also a moderately hard polymer (shore D75) with excellent moisture and temperature resistance.

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UV Curable Adhesives Application Process

UV Cured Adhesives

Step 1: Extrude the adhesive on to the substrate.

UV Cured Adhesive 4

Step 2: Allow adhesive to fully coat the substrate.

UV Cured Adhesive 5

Step 3:  Expose the adhesive to the recommended frequency and energy UV light.

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