Thermal Gap Pads

Thermal Gap Pads

Thermal Gap Pads

Long-term, reliable protection of sensitive circuits and components is important in today’s delicate and demanding power electronics applications. With the increase in processing power, charging wattages and the trend toward smaller, more compact electronic modules, transfer of thermal energy to heat sinks, cooled chassis and other safe locations is essential in maintaining component temperatures within operating specification limits. Resin Designs’ family of thermal interface pads provide superior performance with a variety of thermal pad constructions to achieve excellent thermal protection and economic value over a wide range of applications.

Thin Thermal Pad Gaps

ProductTackyHardness, Shore 00Compression Deflection at 20% pwiSpecific GravityThermal Conductivity W/mºk minTear StrengthWeight LossVolume Resistivity


2 Side40-70261.91.1301 max10 EXP 12 min


2 Side70 max262.45-2.651.6251 max10 EXP 13 min


1 Side70 max262.45-2.651.64251 max10 EXP 12 min


2 Side70 max263.13.5251 max10 EXP 13 min


1 Side70 max263.13.3251 max10 EXP 13 min


Type Physical Form Special Properties Potential Uses
  • Reinforced thermally conductive cured silicone gel.



  • Non messy alumina filled and fiberglass reinforced cured thermal gel.



  • Low thermal resistance at low pressure
  • high compressibility; soft
  • tacky; conformable
  • UL-94-V-0 or V-1


  • Maximum heat transfer from power components.




Gap Filler Thermal Pads

ProductTackyHardness, Shore 00Compression Deflection at 20% pwiSpecific GravityThermal Conductivity W/mºk minWeight LossVolume Resistivity


2 Side70 max21.31.820.731 max10 EXP 11 min


2 Side65 max25.62.31.41 max10 EXP 11 min

Type Physical Form Special Properties Potential Uses
  • Foam-based thermally conductive cured silicone gel.






  • Soft and tacky open cell reticulated foam with thermally conductive cured gel.






  • Gap filling thermal bridge
  • High compressibility
  • Soft
  • Tacky
  • Conformable
  • UL 94 V-1 on TP-2101
  • Others are UL 94 HB or equivalent



  • Maximize heat transfer from power components such as CPUs or microprocessors to heat sinks.






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  • Thin thermal pads and gap filler thermal pad materials are cold applied
  • Require no heating or curing
  • Materials can be removed easily and cleanly
  • No special tools required for access and rework.

Features & Benefits:

  • These thermally conductive silicones function as heat transfer media, barriers against:
    • Environmental contaminants
    • Stress relieving shock
    • Vibration absorbers over a wide temperature and humidity range.
    • High-compressibility accommodates tolerance stack up
    • Requires a lower clamping force, reducing system costs.

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