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EMI/Grounding Gasket Sheet

EMI grounding gasket sheetsEMI Grounding Gasket Sheet

Resin Designs GND Gel Antenna Gaskets offer long-term electrical grounding/corrosion resistance with excellent fluid resistance




Brand ProductDescription
GND conductive gaskets for electrical grounding and corrosion prevention; 24"x36" mesh aluminum alloy wire clothCost-effective corrosion protection; reduced installation time; supplied precut to fit all common antenna sizes; precured fluorosilicone gel to withstand aviation fuels and other liquid contaminants; metal mesh incorporated for electrical bonding
Brand ProductmΩ maximumAfter Heat Aging 168 hr at 150°CAfter Thermal Cycling
-55 to 125°C, 5 cycles
After High-Temperature Endurance 48 hr at 156°CAfter Humidity Cycling, MIL-STD-202, Method 106
After Salt Fog, 500 hr.
1 1 11 21 31 1
  • EMI and RFI shielding
  • Aerospace
  • Radar and antenna
Pre-cured gel with aluminum wire cloth precut to fit all common antenna sizes, supplied with protective release film
Physical form
Woven aluminum alloy wire cloth impregnated with a high-performance, nonhazardous crosslinked fluorosilicone gel sealant
Special Properties
Electrical grounding; reduced installation time with pre-cured gel sealant; no cure required; easy removal and repair; cost-effective
Potential uses
Corrosion-protected grounding for aircraft skin and antennas
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