Horizontal Directional Drilling: Pipeline & Tunneling

Superabsorbents for Horizontal Directional Drilling

Directional Drilling HDD

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) technology allows modern societies to access energy, water resources, high-speed internet, and other essential utilities with minimal environmental and operational disruptions.  Superabsorbent polymer (SAP) technologies are integral to the HDD industry for their ability to rapidly solidify drilling fluid waste (drilling mud, drill cuttings) at the source of generation, at centralized waste treatment facilities, and at solid waste landfills.

When compared to commodity absorbents and cement products, SAP-based technologies feature superior liquid absorbency and retention which allows HDD crews to minimize waste disposal costs, treatment time, and environmental impact.


Features & Benefits

Low dosage rates (1% by weight) Solidify on-site Protective of the environment
Accepted by landfills Retains liquid under pressure and vibration Safe to handle and apply
More cost-effective than cement and sawdust Easy to apply
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ZapZorb: Environmental Solidifier

Zapzorb SAP technologies have been used for decades for environmental applications that require rapid solidification of liquid-bearing wastes and contaminated media. Some characteristics include:

  • Variable particle sizes available
  • Applications Include sludge, sediment, drilling mud, etc.
  • Superior Efficiency = Cost Savings

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