line up of different sizes of Zaploc superabsorbent products

ZapLoc Medical Solidifier

ZapLoc medical solidification products are designed to improve safety and ease of use in the health care industry.

Liquids generated by medical procedures, medical devices, and food testing laboratories normally require special handling and costly disposal.

Superabsorbent Polymers (SAP) used in these environments reduce risks and costs associated with biological waste exposure.

Solification of suction canisters up to 3 liters can be performed in 3-4 minutes. The ZapLoc solidifiers can be added before or after the introduction of fluids.

Bottle Packaging
Product Variation Data SheetCharacteristics
500 ccSolidifies up to 500 cc of body fluids
1200 ccSolidifies up to 1200 cc of body fluids
1500 ccSolidifies up to 1500 cc of body fluids
2000 ccSolidifies up to 2000 cc of body fluids
3000 ccSolidifies up to 3000 cc of body fluids
16000 ccMulti-dose bottle solidifies up to 16000 cc of body fluids

To be more environmentally friendly, Zappa-Stewart has developed a dissolvable film pack technology which eliminates completely the bottle waste.

Film packs are single use with no residual waste.

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Solidifier being dropped into a liquid waste canister

Step 1- Drop solidifier pack in liquid waste canister

Dissolvable film reacts quickly leaving only the solidifier material

Step 2- Film dissolves, leaving only solidifier material.

Within minutes the fluid will be transformed into an easily and safely disposable solid

Step 3- Within minutes the fluid will be transformed into an easily and safely disposable solid.

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