ZapZorb: Environmental Solidifier

Zapzorb SAP technologies have been used for decades for environmental applications that require rapid solidification of liquid-bearing wastes and contaminated media. Characteristics include:

  • Variable particle sizes available
  • Applications include sludge, sediment, drilling mud, etc.
  • Superior Efficiency = Cost Savings

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Zap-Loc: Medical & Lab Solidifier

ZapLoc is the original solidifier for use in medical and food testing applications. Zap-loc rapidly solidifies fluid waste from surgical operations, laboratory testing procedures, and other similar processes, minimizing the risk of exposure to dangerous pathogens for healthcare workers, patients, and lab personnel.

  • Available in bottle & dissolvable film packs
  • Various sizes available
  • Rapid solidification for improved safety

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Zap-Out: Solidifier + Treatment

Similar to the original Zap-Loc, but with addition of a treatment agent for elimination of infectious microbes within the fluid being absorbed.  Further reduces potential spread of infection and eliminates need for incineration in some states.

  • Available in bottles and dissolvable packs
  • Available in various sizes
  • Kills infectious microbes on contact

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Superabsorbent Powders

Superabsorbent Polymers (SAP) in Powder Form have been used for decades to provide water blocking functionality required for under-ground and under-water cable application. Characteristics include:

  • Variety of particle size distributions available
  • Applied using dusting electro-static deposition and other methods
  • Custom blends with other components available

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Superabsorbent Liquids

Superabsorbent liquids are used in conjunction with other cable components such as water-blocking yarns, tapes, and strings members. Characteristics include:

  • Ease of application
  • Improves housekeeping (reduces dusting)

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Superabsorbent Hot-Melt

Water-soluble hot melt adhesives containing superabsorbent powders for applications directly on to various cable components.  Some characteristics include:

  • Adhesion functionality
  • Improves housekeeping (reduces dusting)
  • Very clean and controlled deposition
  • Available in tacky and non-tacky finish

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SAPs for GelPacks

Superabosrbent Polymers provides a viscous gel minimizing leakage of accidentally ruptured hot and cold packs commonly used in refrigerated shipping/storage and sports therapy applications. Both the SAP and gel can be optimized for processing and end performance requirements through the use of particle size distributions or specific blends.

  • Non-toxic
  • Available in food grade quality
  • Minimizes leakage of punctured packs
  • safe disposal or re-use

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Custom Grinding, Sieving & Blending 

The core capability of Zappa Stewart is the ability to custom grind and sieve SAPs into specific particle size distribution ranges. Custom blending is also a capability when additional functionality is required.

  • Wide range of particle size distributions available
  • Narrow particle size distributions are also available
  • Blending with other functional powders

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We offer a wide range of standard and custom packaging options.  Superabsorbent powders are available in standard 2 kg, 25 kg bags, and 1000 kg supersacks.  Smaller or other customer specified packaging also available. All packaging is seal in moisture/humidity resistant containers.

  • Easy to handle
  • Adaptable to the customer application
  • Protected from moisture and/or contamination

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