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Superabsorbents for Environmental Remediation

Superabsorbents for Environmental Remediation

Liquid-bearing waste streams from industrial processes are technically challenging and costly to manage.  Superabsorbent polymers (SAP) are commonly used by environmental remediation professionals to solidify industrial waste prior to off-site disposal at a solid waste facility.

When compared to commodity absorbents and cement products, SAP-based technologies feature superior liquid absorbency and retention which allows remediation professionals to minimize waste disposal costs, treatment time, and environmental impacts.

Types of Waste Treated 

  • Wastewater sludge
  • Contaminated sediments
  • Waste treatment pits
  • Coal Ash/CCR
  • Dredged spoils
  • Water treatment sludge
  • Mine tailings
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Sludge & Sediments

Sludge & Sediments

Coal Ash /CCR

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