Power Cable Application

Superabsorbents for Power Cable Application

Superabsorbent polymers (SAP) are commonly used to protect underground power cables from water penetration and can be applied in various forms to different sections of the cable including:

  • Within the stranded conductor
  • Over the stranded conductor, under the conductor shield
  • Over the insulation, under the concentric neutrals or metallic shield
  • Over the metallic shield, under the outer sheath

Zappa Stewart actively participates in the Power and Energy Society-Insulated Conductors Committee (PES-ICC) and organizations that are involved in specification and guidance development for various power cable applications.

Zappa Stewart has supported the power cable industry as its most trusted supplier of SAP for over 20 years, by providing superior products and customer service.

Features & Benefits

Dynamic water blocking capability Fast swelling speed Solid gel strength
Thermal stability Faster splicing and/or restoration (no need to remove filling/flooding compounds)
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SAP WAC White Paper

Superabsorbent Powders

Superabsorbent Polymers in Powder Form (SAP) have been used for decades to provide water blocking functionality required for under-ground and under-water cable application.  Some characteristics include:

  • Variety of particle size distribution available
  • Applied using dusting electro-static deposition and other methods
  • Custom blends with other components available

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Superabsorbent Liquids

They are used to applying to other cable components such as water-blocking yarns, tapes, and strings members. Some characteristics include:

  • Ease of application
  • Improves housekeeping (reduces dusting)

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Superabsorbent Hot-Melt

Water-soluble hot melt adhesives containing superabsorbent powders for applications directly on to various cable components.  Some characteristics include:

  • Adhesion functionality
  • Improves housekeeping (reduces dusting)
  • Very clean and controlled deposition
  • Available in tacky and non-tacky finish

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