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Thermal gels and encapsulants offer the most flexibility in formulating to a flowable or non-flow product that fully cures to soft gel or firm elastomer for long term stability in thermal cycling. The cure rate can also be adjusted for rapid room temp cure or with long working time followed by heat curing. ThermoSink can be used as a TIM between component and heat sink, or assemblies can be encapsulated for optimum thermal management. Most are offered in a two-component 1:1 mix ratio package for automated meter-mix and dispensing.

Thermally Conductive Silicones

ThermoSink 35-3 is a two-component, low viscosity, thermally conductive silicone elastomer that cures rapidly at room temperature.

It is designed for electrical potting and/or thermal interface applications where high-performance heat transfer and thermal management is required.

ThermoSink Physical Properties Chart

Mixed ViscPot LifeCure TimeSpecific GravityMix RatioThermal
Data Sheet
ThermoSink 35-315,000 CPS20 Mins4 Hrs (RT)
15 Mins (125C)
2.9-3.21 to 1>3.4 W/m Deg K55 Shore AUL V-0PDF
ThermoSink 35-440,000 CPS10 Mins15 to 35 Mins(RT)
<5 Mins (125C)
2.9-3.31 to 1>3.4 W/m Deg K55 Shore AUL V-0PDF
ThermoSink-35-645,000 CPS20 Mins30 to 60 min (25°C)
2 hrs (25°C)
45 min (100°C)
2.8750:50>3.5 W/m Deg K65-75 Durometer Shore AV0PDF
Applications Features Substrates Packaging
Automotive Thermally conductive Engineered Plastic 25 Kg plastic pails
Electronic assembly Water resistant Metal
Power supplies Fast set, RT cure Ceramic
RoHS Compliant Glass

ThermoSink 35 3 Thermal Encapsulants Preparation

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