UV20 Gel

 UV20 Gel

HumiSeal® UV20 Gel is:

  • single component
  • Non-sag thixotropic gel
  • UV curable

HumiSeal® UV20 Gel has:

  • excellent chemical resistance, flexibility and moisture resistance.
  • secondary moisture cure mechanism for curing in the non-UV exposed shadowed areas
  • fluoresces under UV light to allow for coating inspection
  • can be applied by selective coating equipment.

Application of UV20 Gel Staking Material


HumiSeal® UV20 Gel is a highly crosslinked staking material. In order to achieve maximum cross link density and physical performance, the product must be exposed to the correct spectral output. The table below outlines the required dosage and irradiance necessary to properly cure HumiSeal® UV20 Gel.

Minimum Cure Guidelines 2.5mm thickness
Dosage* (J/cm2)  UVA 2.111
UVB 1.539
UVC 0.732
Irradiance* (W/cm2)   UVB   0.917
UVC  0673
UVA  0.314

Heat is also an important component with UV cure, and different systems produce different heat outputs. Higher heat levels allow UV cure at lower dose/irradiance levels. Consequently, HumiSeal® recommend that curing is discussed with HumiSeal® Technical staff to ensure the exact customer process being used will meet the coating cure requirements. After UV exposure and return to room temperature the coating should be tack free.

HumiSeal® UV20 Gel contains a reliable secondary moisture cure mechanism which will cure any shadow areas on the assembly within 7 days at ambient moisture.

HumiSeal®UV20 Gel was designed to be cured using a microwave UV oven equipped with an “H” style bulb. Arc systems can cure HumiSeal® UV20 Gel however care must be taken during the equipment selection process to ensure minimum dosage and irradiance values obtained will properly cure the coating. Because of the variations possible in curing equipment type and configuration, it is strongly recommended that you contact HumiSeal Technical Support to discuss your equipment and process in detail.

*Microwave UV cure ovens equipped with “H” style bulbs recommended
**Stripper 1100 is not available in the EU

Product Specification
Density 1.10 ± 0.05 g/cm3
Minimum Solids Content 95 %
Viscosity, per Fed-Std-141, Meth. 4287 Non-Sag Thixotropic Gel
Recommended Coating Thickness N/A
Recommended UV Cure* See TDS for Details
Shelf Life at Room Temperature, from DOM 6 Months
Recommended Stripper** HumiSeal® Stripper 1100
Thermal Shock, 50 cycles per MIL-I-46058C N/A
Glass Transition Temperature – DSC -42°C
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion – TMA 65 ppm/°C Below Tg
119 ppm/°C Above Tg
Modulus – DMA 496 MPa @ -40ºC
108 MPa @ 25ºC
39 MPa @ 80ºC
Lap Shear PCB/PCB (psi) >500
Lap Shear PCB/FR4 (psi) >700
Operating Temperatures -40 to 120 C
Fungus Resistance, per ASTM G21 Pass
Resistance to Chemicals Excellent
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